Aluminum industry chain reflects China's speed
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The National Bureau of statistics released data on basic metal production in July 15th, with alumina, electrolytic aluminum and aluminum production at over 26% last year.

Alumina production doubled in three years

National Bureau of Statistics recently announced that in June China's alumina production was 2 million 406 thousand tons, an increase of 18.10%, the first half of the cumulative output of 14 million 694 thousand tons, an increase of 44.30%. In terms of monthly data and annual output, the operation rate of alumina in June was slightly higher than that in May. It was mainly affected by the dynamic production of aluminum alloy enterprises and the control of output. The cumulative output over the past six months grew by more than 40% over the past year, mainly because the economic crisis in 2009 caused the base to be too low. According to the National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2006 the annual output of 13 million 700 thousand tons of alumina, and we spent less than three years, let the alumina production doubled, fully embodies the alumina industry development speed China.

Annual output of electrolytic aluminum is expected to exceed 16 million tons

National Bureau of statistics in June, electrolytic aluminum production was 1 million 406 thousand tons, an increase of 31%, the cumulative output of 8 million 191 thousand tons, an increase of 45.6%. At an annualised rate of output in June was 17 million 106 thousand tons / year, while in May only 16 million 672 thousand tons / year, the increment of which is mainly from southwest northwest, southwest into the wet period after the price is low, so the completion of the new capacity is concentrated on the demand, and the cost of electricity in the northwest have obvious advantages. From the cumulative output in the first half of 2010, the National Bureau of statistics statistics, electrolytic aluminum production is expected to exceed 16 million tons this year, while in 2009 only 12 million 985 thousand tons, an increase of more than 23%.

Aluminum production to maintain high speed

National Bureau of statistics data show that China's aluminum production in June was 1 million 888 thousand tons, an increase of 15.5%, the cumulative output of 9 million 760 thousand tons, an increase of 26.7%. From the growth point of view, is worse than that of alumina and electrolytic aluminum, but taking into account the economic crisis during the period of China aluminum production lead out of negative growth, and a high base, aluminum production growth remained high, and alumina similar, 2006 annual output of 8 million 336 thousand and 900 tons of aluminum Chinese, doubled in three years has become the recent characteristics of China aluminum industry development.

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