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Industrial Application
Industrial aluminum profiles are also called aluminum alloy profiles, which refer to aluminum materials with different cross-sectional shapes obtained by a series of processes such as heating, extrusion and straightening of aluminum rods. Aluminum is taken as the main alloy material, and various aluminum profiles of different types are produced by adding other alloys such as copper, manganese, magnesium, zinc and the like. According to the proportion of added alloys, the produced aluminum profiles are different, and the applied Industrials is also different. Generally speaking, it is mainly used in various industries such as aerospace, transportation, construction of Industrials, mechanical equipment, ships, articles for daily use, medical equipment, etc.

With the steady and rapid development of China's national economy and high and new technologies, aluminum processing Industrials has closely combined the needs of the market and scientific development, making aluminum processing materials develop in the direction of high performance, high precision, energy conservation and environmental protection. The product quality is steadily in increase and enjoys high reputation in the domestic and foreign markets.
Aviation application
Electrical instrument application
Rolling gate application
Camping lighting application
Gate fence security lock application
Ceiling application
New energy vehicles
New energy vehicle charging pile application
Wardrobe door application
Wardrobe hanger application
Medical purification application
Medical application
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