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"Zhonglian aluminum" officially renamed the "Yalian aluminum"
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Since the beginning of May 22, 2010, Guangdong Yalian Aluminum Co. Ltd. under the brand "Zhonglia aluminum" officially renamed the "Yalian aluminum"."Yalian aluminum" will replace "Zhonglian aluminum", with superior quality, provide better service for all dealers and customers. "Zhonglian aluminum material" will no longer be used.

Products such as "Zhonglian aluminum" or other similar names and similar products are not produced by us. In principle, "Yalian aluminum" will replace the "Zhonglian aluminum", become the flagship brand of aluminum. In fact, we can think of Yalian aluminum is Zhonglian aluminum upgrade version or optimized version. The former not only maintains the advantages of the latter, but also optimizes the existing advantages, whether it is product quality, service quality, or brand image, it will be promoted to another level.

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